Hi there, the name’s Thom! I’m a designer from the Netherlands.

I’m an all-round creative with a great passion for designing digital products for people. I specialize in User Interface and User Experience Design and have a weakness for doing icons.

I (co-)founded and maintain several side projects, including Draft.im and uinames.com. I’m currently working on SansCMS.

Besides designing things, I also enjoy taking pictures, writing, cycling, running, and I can really appreciate some good music.

Fields of Focus

Design — I primarily focus on User Interface and User Experience Design, but I also enjoy doing Interaction Design and Branding.

Front-end development — Although not my primary focus, I do enjoy finding new solutions through code. I’m proficient in HTML & CSS.

Consultancy — I give decent feedback and advice. I like seeing products evolve, but I love seeing them evolve good.


Send an email or mention @thomweerd on Twitter.